SynchroBit Coin with the ticker symbol "SNB" is the official and native token for SynchroBit™ exchanging platform. 

SynchroBit™ is one of the major projects of SYNCHRONIUM LTD. As a fast-growing tech and innovation company, SYNCHRONIUM LTD is a globally formed network of companies with headquarters in legal offices in the USA, the UK, Turkey, Republic of Georgia and Estonia.  

SynchroBit Coin has come a long way and successfully passed main stages such as Pre - ICO, Token Generation Event (TGE), and distributing SNB token to early investors. However, we planned to go much further. You can see the Timeline here.

As a result of the plan and development, SNB will have many benefits to its investors. Some of them are listed as follows: 

  • SNB Token is an ERC-20 token with leading-edge smart contract functions that enables the holders to benefit from its functionalities on the Synchronium®  upcoming platforms as well. 
  • SNB  Token will be integrated into SynchroBit™  by the end of Public ICO and will work as the major payment option on the platform for paying fees, including the trading fees. 
  • Due to its extended functionalities on SynchroBit™  platform and its integration with other platforms, the demand for SNB token always be increasing. 
  • SNB token is accepted by a wide range of partner exchanges including LiveCoin, CoinsBit, CREX24, and BTC-alpha which all of them are reputable exchanges in the market. 
  • SNB Token will be available for trade on major ETH decentralized exchanges as well. 
  • Trading with SNB Token on Synchrobit™ is always with zero fees.