Add SNB into MetaMask is quite easy. First you need to create a wallet on MetaMask. to do so, go on  and get the chrome extension. Then you redirect on Chrome web store. Now you can add the MetaMask extension on chrome. Click on "Add to Chrome". The installation process takes less than a minute and after that it will be added into the extensions, next to the address bar. 

Meanwhile, a welcome page is being open. Hit on "Get Started

After that you are asked if you had a wallet or you are new. If you had a wallet before you can import the assets from the old one into the new one. If not you can make a new one. Click on "Create a New Wallet

After Clicking on "Create a wallet" you should read and agree the "Data Gathering Policy". 

By agreeing The Terms and Conditions, now you should choose a password for your MetaMask Wallet. It should be at least 8 characters. Choose a strong and rememberable password. You will need it for login. 

Then Read "Terms and Conditions" and go for the next step. 

This step is extremely important. You are given Secret Backup Phrases. You should write them down and put it in a safe place.

Click on the gray area to sea the twelve words behind it. These twelve words are your backup phrase and your recovery seed. The random words are highly important because you need them in a case of recovery. Be serious about this part. 

On the next step you should put the words in order that you have seen.

When you put all the orders you can click on "Confirm" button, It is all set! Now you have your MetaMask Wallet. 

 As soon as you Click on "All Done" you should enter the password you chose before. Enter the password to login to the wallet. 

You can change the account name by click on "Account 1". 

The Wallet Address is starting with 0x and was show on the above photo by a red rectangle. If you want your SNB coin to be deposited in this wallet you should enter this address into your dashboard on 

How to add SNB smart contract in MetaMask? 

In MateMask wallet, click on "Add Token" and then go to custom tab. 


The smart contract address of SNB is: 0xd3172862ff028cc42660576a0a36cfbc94b50eec  ,  add it the text box under "Toke Contract Address" 

When you write it, the other two fields automatically filled with the symbol and the decimal as belows.


Click "Next" and on the next page it confirms adding SNB. 

Click on "Add Tokens". 

You are all set!